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Blood Promise: Vampire Academy #4 by Richelle Mead

Today, I'm going to be talking about Blood Promise, which is the 4th book in the Vampire Academy series. If you aren't sure what this series is about, you can check out my review for the first book here. I have a synopsis of the series there, so you can see if it's something you'd be interested in. If you haven't read the book, BYE! 
So, Rose is in Russia, blowing Adrian's trust fund on hotels and gowns so she can find the town where Dimitri was from. She meets Sydney, an alchemist who's supposed to keep humans from knowing about vampires. I thought Sydney was cool. I believe that she is a main character in the Bloodlines series which is a spinoff series, so I am going to read that. 
Sydney takes her to the town where she wants to go- the town where a lot of blood whores live- and meets Dimitri's family. Rose tells them about how Dimitri was turned Strigoi, and they kind of have a funeral for him, and talk about him, and stories.
Lissa meets Avery, a spirit user who pretended to specialize in wind. At first, I thought she was just some royal misfit who liked drinking and partying, but the second she started hitting on Adrian, I knew dat bitch be cray. She had shadow kissed 2 people, and was looking for more people to shadow kiss. I think she did that to take out all the darkness from her, and pile it all onto others. Once more, Lissa was annoying. She may have been compelled by Avery, but she was a terrible friend. Rose left her in the safety of the school, while she'd left and knew that she might die. Lissa could hardly throw a punch, she would die if she went with Rose. And is Rose supposed to give up everything for Lissa? Lissa stoops so low as to think that a 14 year old, who thinks Rose and Christian are heroes, is trying to be with Christian. But I have no doubt that Christian and Lissa will get back together, because no matter how much more badass and awesome Christian is, he and Lissa are perfect together 
I wish Rose didn't hesitate. She knows that there's no saving Dimitri, but she hesitated not once, but twice. And in the end she didn't actually kill him. Dimitri was creepy as a Strigoi. I mean, he    was biting Rose. I thought he had a shred of morality left in him, because he didn't straight up kill her or turn her, but he was hurting her, and I never thought he would do that. I've never been that fond of Dimitri. He was never that hot or anything, and he wasn't that likable. Put simpley, I thought he was stony and too serious
Adrian on the other hand, is much better than Dimitri. I like Adrian and his personality. I like how Rose is actually giving him a chance at the end of the book. Adrian and Rose's banter is so cute, and I don't want Dimitri to come back- even if there is a way for them to turn him back into a dhampir- because I want Adrian to have a chance 
I hate how Mark brought up the fairy tale of bringing back Strigoi. It's time for Rose to move on, because she knows she can. I'm done with Dimitri
 Abe is Rose's father. That was an interesting turn of events. I like him though. He has this intimidating persona, but he's helping Rose, and he seems like a good guy 
Rose is allowed to join back into school, so she can graduate and become a guardian, so that is good. And she and Adrian are going to try a relationship, and that's also good. But she's trying to find a way to bring Dimitri back, and that's bad
This book went by so quickly. I literally wasn't able to put it down. This series is getting better and better as it goes on, and I really recommend it
  By the way, I appologize for the absence of punctuation marks. There is something terribly wrong with Blogger right now, and it's screwing up the format. So that's why there are a lot of missing periods
Well, that's all for this review. Tell me your thoughts of the book in the comments, and I'll talk to you next time

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