Sunday, July 6, 2014

City of Ashes By Cassandra Clare

Hey Guys! Today, I'm going to be reviewing City of Ashes, book #2 in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. This book was great, but I'm going to be really direct about what I'm going to say next. This book was my least favorite in the series. It wasn't badly written, the writing is gorgeous. It's just that the characters were mostly really annoying in this book. If you haven't read City of Bones, book 1 in the series, you can go check out my review for it here , and I have a premise-overview type thing of the series. There really isn't place for a non-spoiler section in this review, because everything I'm about to say will spoil the first book, if not the second book, so I really suggest you go and read City of Bones, and City of Ashes before reading on.
Jace was really obnoxious in this book, and I understand why, but that didn't make it any less annoying. He practically hides from Clary for the duration of this book, and shoves away anyone willing to help him. Maryse is so mean to him, and that just annoys me, because she got played by Valentine, and she knows it. Jace didn't know his father who had loved him and taught him was Valentine. It's not fair for her to tell Jace to say he hates Valentine. The Seelie Court scene- well that was something. I mean, we all know that Jace and Clary have feelings for each other, but they're brother and sister. I wish they hadn't pushed each other away so much. I also feel like Simon should have moved on, because he knows that Clary doesn't feel the same way as he does, but he's just fooling himself.
The inquisitor is so mean to Jace, I mean she doesn't let him speak. She imprisons him and threaten's his life for something he doesn't even have control over. If she "knows" Valentine, which she obviously does, she would know that he won't give a flying fish about Jace's life if it gets in the way of what he wants- the Mortal Instruments. Clary's ability to create runes is so cool. And Alec was about to tell his parents that he was gay because of the fearless rune, so it actually worked. Simon's a vampire. I kind of saw it coming, because of the whole party rat bite situation in City of Bones, but I didn't expect Jace's blood to make him a daylighter. Valentine is such a liar, and he cares for nothing but himself. And I think Jace knows that, but he can't bring himself to admit it because to him, Valentine was nothing but a loving father. The end of this book- with the boat exploding was freaking awesome. It required some mad quick thinking skills on Clary's part, and that was just awesome. When Jace finally breaks Clary's heart, telling her that he just wants to be her brother, I was just so sad for the two of them. Madeline's appearance at the end made for a huge cliffhanger. I mean, she knows how to wake Clary's mom, and that's a pretty damn big thing.
I guess that's all for this review. This series is great, and Cassandra Clare is an amazing writer. I definitely recommend it, and I'll talk to you in my next post.

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