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Crash into You By Katie McGarry

Today, I'm going to be talking about a contemporary book. It's a bit different for me, because contemporary usually isn't my first choice to pick up a book. SO, let's get started!
Crash into You is book #3 in Katie McGarry's Pushing the Limits series. It's more of a companion novel, but I'll give you a short synopsis about the first two books. Yes, there are references to characters, and the main characters from books 1&2 play large roles, but you don't need to read them all, or read them in order.
Pushing the Limits is the first book, and it's about Noah and Echo. Noah's a foster child who does all the wrong things, and he feels like he's a lost cause. He has two younger brothers that were separated from him because of certain occurrences, and he wants to gain custody of them. Echo, has scars all over her arms, and she knows it has something to do with her mom, but doesn't know how. Repressed memories. The book basically shows how two screwed up kids unscrew up each other. But what contemporary book isn't about that? The characters are likable, and its beautifully written. It is cliche, but c'mon, like 90% of young adult books are cliche. Great book, go read it.

Book #2, Dare You To, is about Beth and Ryan. Beth, is one of Noah's friends from Pushing the Limits. She's not a foster kid, but she has it pretty bad. Her mom and her mom's boyfriend are addicts to bad bad drugs, and they have no money, and her mom's boyfriend is abusive. She gets caught up in between her mom and her mom's boyfriend, and winds up in jail, from which her uncle bails her out, and she moves with him. Beth is badass to the core. And not really in the good way. Badass in the sense that she does drugs, she drinks, and that kind of thing. When she moves in with her uncle, she has to change that. Ryan, on the other hand, is a baseball player-popular-everyone loves him type of guy. This book is about putting Beth's past to rest, and also about Ryan making decisions of what he wants, rather than what his parents want. Great book, definitely recommend.
Crash into You, which is the third book in the series, is about Isaiah and Rachel. Isaiah had loved Beth as more than a friend, and having her choose someone else- well that stung a lot. Isaiah is still in highschool, still in the foster care system, and still 17. He now lives in an apartment he shares with Noah, and money is tight. Really really tight. He works in a car repair shop, and he plans to become a car mechanic. But like I said, he needs money, so one day, he decides to drag race. He doesn't do it regularly, but it was supposed to be a one time thing. That's where he meets Rachel. The rich girl who accidentally found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. She's youngest in a family to parents who craved another daughter after their first passed away because of leukemia. She's supposed to be the replacement, but she doesn't even know her sister. Her sister died before she was born, and from what Rachel knows, they're nothing alike. Rachel likes cars, and Colleen, her sister, was into fashion. Rachel cringes when she has to speak in front of a crowd, and Colleen was a socialite. Rachel escapes all this when she's in her car.
So this is about where I say goodbye to all you non-spoiler people. Read the book, and then come back, and we'll talk.
So, I started this book at 10:00 pm, and then I finished it at 2:30 am. So, ya, that says something. We never got to see much of Isaiah, and so this was great. And when he brought Rachel to his apartment to freshen up before she went home after going to that club to hide- and Noah showed up. It started out with Noah being a jerk, but the conversation he had with Rachel as Rachel and Isaiah left to get her car- that was hilarious.  Here, straight from the book:
"Her gaze switches between me and Noah. 
"It's all right, I got them. So-" she rocks on her toes "- are you ready to go?"
"Yeah. Let's roll."
Rachel gathers her coat from the couch and pauses when Noah says her name. Damn, Noah, don't screw this up.
"Rachel," he repeats, obviously searching for something good to say.
"It was nice to meet you. You should come back. Meet my girl, Echo. We'll hang out or some shit like that."
Or some shit like that. I want to slam his head and my own into the wall."
It's hilarious because Rachel is-well- Rachel. She cringed at saying shit one time, and she told Isaiah to stop swearing at her, and the only "bad word" she used was hell. 
But seriously, the guys who got Rachel to go to the drag race- they were idiots. I wish West would beat them up. 
I loved the irony, of how they planned to face the repercussions of drag racing, by more drag racing. Okay, granted that they would be legally racing to get the money, it was still ironic. 
Rachel, like many contemporary characters, didn't speak up when she could have. I mean, if she told her family how she felt, she'd be fine. But she couldn't tell her family on her own. 
Let's talk about Isaiah meeting his mom again. It's crazy how his mom took to theft with him knowing. I mean, it's wrong. She was bringing her 6 year old son into a world he wasn't ready to see, and a world that he would have to work pretty damn hard to escape from. But by the end, she was working her way back into Isaiah's life in a positive way, and that's good. 
The end, with the race with Zach, ehh, it was so obvious that Rachel would win. I mean, it was 99% certain she'd win. While I was reading, there was a split second where I actually thought Rachel might lose, but then I turned the page and saw that she'd won. 
Rachel's father, was an ass. I mean, he wasn't fair to anyone in the family. Her mom was sad. Well, off course, she'd lost a child. But that doesn't mean you have 3 more children until you have another girl to replace the child that was lost. Her mother would eventually get over the loss, and be able to move on. And then he said Isaiah kidnapped Rachel or whatever, even though everyone saw that Rachel went with him, of her own free will. And how he called the police while they weren't even doing anything. 
I liked Abby's role. At the beginning, well, she wasn't the best, but in the middle/end, she was a great character and a great friend. 
So, overall, I liked this book a lot. Katie McGarry's books are just so captivating, and impossible to put down. There's another Pushing the Limits book coming out at the end of this year, and I'm excited for that. It's about West- Rachel's brother. There's also a book #2 about Noah and Echo, also scheduled for the end of this year, and I'm really excited for that as well.
So, that's all for this post. Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and I'll talk to you next time. 

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