Friday, July 11, 2014

Frostbite: Vampire Academy #2 by Richelle Mead

Frostbite is the second book in the Vampire Academy series. If you haven't seen my review for that, you can read it here. You'll also see a synopsis of what the series is about, so you can see if you'd be interested in that. If you haven't read it, this is goodbye, because I'm going to delve into a lot of spoilers. See you later- after you've read the book. Bye!
Before I talk about anything of actual importance regarding the book, I want to talk about how ugly the cover is. I'm sorry, but I have to address this. The original Vampire Academy covers- the whole lot of them- are ugly. And the alternate covers that just say VA in some neon bright color are also bad. Anyway, the covers that have faces on them are so awkward, that I'd feel embarrassed to read them in public. 
Now that we've covered that,let's start from when Rose and Dimitri go to Arthur Schoenberg's house for Rose's test and they're all dead. That was quite a beginning. 
Sometimes I feel like Rose's mouth needs a filter. I mean, she doesn't swear that much, but sometimes she says the stupidest things. And then she winds up having to take it back, because she said the wrong thing. 
The Tasha-Dimitri relationship was obviously not going to work, I mean, I don't even know why they tried. Same with the Mason-Rose relationship. It's not fair to any of them. 
The idea of the whole ski trip was so badly thought out. The Strigoi were obviously working together. If all the Moroi are in one place, the Strigoi can take them all out at once. 
Rose was such an immature biotch to Tasha. Tasha's really sweet, and badass compared to the rest of the Moroi, and Rose is so mean to her. 
Rose's mom is only 37. That surprised me a lot. The ways that Rose projects her mommy issues are so annoying. I understand that her mom was pretty crappy at being a mom, but Rose is preparing to do the same. They come first- the Moroi- not children. She was really asking for her mom to hit her, and I highly doubt that her mom wanted to do that to her.
Adrian was such a funny character. I mean with the perfume, and flowers, and flirting, he was awesome. 
Is Mason brainless? He goes to fight Strigoi with a Moroi and another Dhampir novice. And he expects to succeed? That was hands down the stupidest thing he could possibly do. And then Christian and Rose sneak out to find them. Couldn't they have asked for a couple actual guardians to come with them? I mean, that seems like the smart thing to do, don't you agree? When Christian was pretending to feed on Rose to melt the cuffs, I was just like FINALLY, YOU USE MAGIC! Christian and Rose are so badass together. They're awesome. 
When they're fighting and Mason died, I saw it coming. Because he would obviously come back, and there would have to be some casualties. I can't say I'm too sad over Mason's death, because he was just so stupid. And honestly, he wasn't my favorite character. 
Rose get's her first 2 marks for killing the 2 Strigoi, but they're not marks of pride for her. They're reminders of how she lost one of her best friends. 
Well, that's about where this book ends. This was a huge, immense, colossal, monumental step up from the first book, and I really got invested in Rose as a heroine. Christian too, he got so much more character development in this book and I loved him. We didn't hear too much of Adrian other than he specializes in spirit like Lissa. But he was great too. This book gets 4/5 stars from me, and I definitely recommend it. I'll talk to you next time.

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