Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Sacrifice: Vampire Academy #6 by Richelle Mead

So I finally finished Last Sacrifice this morning, at 12:01 am. It was great. Definitely recommend this series. If you don't know what this series is about, you can go check out my review for the first book here where I have a synopsis of what the series is about.  If you haven't read it, I suggest you leave now, and come back once you've read it.
The jailbreak was awesome. I can't believe they blew up statues during a funeral. And surprise, surprise, Dimitri goes with Rose. We all knew from the beginning, that Dimitri and Rose would end up together. And that really sucks, but I'll talk about it later.
So, Sydney,Dimitri, and Rose are going to West Virginia to hide out, and off course, Rose is totally against hiding. So after escaping the motel, and attracting attention, and losing their hideout, they decide to search for Lissa's illegitimate sibling.
Let's talk about the cavemen vampires. As much as I like that they're defending themselves, and they aren't killing humans, they're so uncivilized. It's really weird.
But past that, Sonya Karp is the only one who can tell them about Lissa's sibling, so they go to her house, where they meet Robert and Victor. Robert turns Sonya back to a Moroi, and she hints them toward the house where the mother of the illegitimate child lives.
Meanwhile, in Court, Lissa is running for  Queen. Because of technicalities, and badly written laws, she can do that. She's passing the tests, but it's all for show. She's buying time to find out who really killed Queen Tatiana. At this point though, it's kind of obvious that she will be queen.
It turns out that Jill is Lissa's half sister. Did you expect that? I really had no clue. I expected it to be someone they knew, but I never thought it was Jill. I mean, there was no foreshadowing that Jill was her sister. No appearance, no similarity in the way they hold themselves, personality- none were mentioned. So that was one thing that wasn't obvious.
Damn Sonya Karp had to talk about the bloody auras. If Rose hadn't known that, she wouldn't have broken Adrian's heart. I cannot express how much I wish Sonya had kept her mouth shut.
Now, when Adrian showed up and Dimitri and Rose kissed- :(.
So, the Alchemists help them get the last piece to the riddle, and at this point, I'm pretty sure that it's Daniella. But then, Rose says it's not, and I'm too panicked to make other guesses, so I'm just turning pages and I see that it's TASHA! I trusted her, I liked her. And then she does this? And she actually tries to deny it. And she f*cking shoots Lissa, and Rose gets in front of her, and almost dies!
I thought that Lissa would heal her. Or that Adrian would. I didn't think she could have done it herself. I mean, we'd never heard of such a thing occurring, so I didn't expect it. I also didn't want them to lose the bond, but they did.
Now, that we've covered all that, let's talk about Adrian and Rose's breakup. I practically had a hissy fit through their breakup, because it's so shitty and annoying. Adrian was there for her when she needed someone. She helped clear her name. And he's funnier and awesomer than Dimitri. And yet, she chooses Dimitri. It's bloody stupid.
This series was really great.  I'm really excited to read the Bloodlines Series. I definitely recommend this series, and I guess I'll talk to you next time.

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