Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Legend: Legend #1 by Marie Lu

I think I'm the last person on the planet to read this book. I mean, people have been recommending it to me for ages, but I never got myself to actually pick it up and start reading. And I am so glad that I did.
 Legend takes place in  a dystopian America, where children must take a test or "Trial" at age 10. The Trial is meant to be some kind of aptitude test, to show whether or not the child will be an asset to their society. Those who pass with flying marks go to college, and are given food, and vaccinations, and work in the military. The children who pass with mediocre marks get factory jobs that bring in hardly enough income. Those who barely pass succumb to having to live in the slums. The children who fail the exam are experimented on and killed.
I think that's all I can give you as an overview of the world that this book takes place in.
Our leading lady&man come from opposite worlds. As cheesy as that sounds, it's 100% true.
Day is the one on all the flashing WANTED signs throughout the entire Republic. He's supposed to be the most heinous criminal there is. And he's supposed to be affiliated with the Republic's enemy- the Patriots. The thing is, he isn't who he's supposed to be. He's actually a very intelligent 15 year old who wants to keep his family safe. Which is also something he shouldn't be, because he supposedly failed his Trial. Hell, he's not supposed to be any of this; he's supposed to have  died 5 years ago with the rest of the failing students.
June got a full score- a 1500/1500 on her Trial, and went to the best University in the Republic at age 12. She's the one everyone's intrigued by. They're envious. They're interested. They're confused, because no one ever gets a 1500. Never. Except she did.
The story is told from both Day and June's point of view, in alternating chapters. It's really well done dual pov, because though Day and June are both intelligent, and perceptive, and both of them have similar personalities, they don't sound the same.
Both our characters are so smart, and perceptive, but personally, I like Day more. Just personal preference. I feel like Day has already come to an understanding that the Republic is an unfair place, and June knows it now, but she's having a hard time coming to terms with it.
This book is so fast paced, it literally get's your heart racing (okay, maybe not so literally) but there is so much action, and it's written so visually, so you can actually mentally watch what's happening.
Overall, I give this book a 5/5 stars, and I'm looking forward to reading the next book. I know this review was kind of different, but I wanted to talk more about the elements of this book, because they're all so good, and the main characters are so well developed, and I wanted to talk about that more than the plot. The plot is amazing, but it's not the only amazing thing, and I didn't want to overshadow all those other great parts of this book with my thoughts of the plot- which by the way are all positive- but that's why this review is kind of different. Tell me your thoughts on this book, and I'll talk to you next time. 

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