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Pure: Covenant #2 By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Pure is book #2 in the Covenant series. If you haven't, check out my review for Half Blood here, book #1, where you can also find a synopsis of the series. For those of you who haven't read the book, BYE BYE. But if you have, stick around, and we'll discuss our FEELINGS. 
In my Half Blood review I said that it wasn't really Seth's book. But this book-Pure- was definitely Seth's book. It's hilarious how Seth just welcomes himself into Alex's bed. And it's even more hilarious when he opens his mouth and says something. Same with Aiden- this was also his book. Aiden is still hiding his feelings, but you can see through them so much. The tension is just so conflicting. I loved how Aiden took Alex to the zoo for a break, but I didn't love what happened after that. Aiden is trying to do what's best for Alex, but UGH! Why can't he just IDK cave to his passions. And I know that sounds wrong in many many ways, but still. So yes, Seth and Aiden were developed a lot more in this book. 
Let's talk a little more about Aiden. Because I'm not done with that discussion yet. He's just so sweet, and I wish he would just tell Alex he feels the same way that she does.
 “You should never be ashamed of these scars, Alex. Never.” Aiden dropped my arm and
motioned me to the center of the floor. “Let’s get this going so you can rest.”
So sweet. 
Alex- oh Alex- was awesome. I'd like to think that it doesn't make me a bad person to think that it was hilarious when she broke Lea's nose with an APPLE. I still find it amazing how she actually pulled that off. 
NOW, Seth. I love Seth, and I feel bad for him. But, he's hilarious. Whenever he and Alex start arguing, it's just so funny. For example:
 “Everyone jumps me about how every single thing I do is a reflection upon you, but you’re
doing people in the garden! How is that okay?”
“You make it sound so distasteful.” He smiled much like a cat. “Don’t knock it until you
try it. Oh. Wait. You haven’t tried anything, have you, my little virgin Apollyon?”
And what's even more hilarious, is that their connection was doing its thing while Seth was "doing people in the garden". Seth can be so sweet if he tries, but I don't think he tries enough. Their "lover's quarrel", if you recall, didn't go particularly well, but I feel like Seth handled it better than expected. He flipped out, but he didn't flip out when people were watching. I also feel like Seth had a hand in Aiden & Alex's practices getting cancelled. 
Caleb died. That shattered my heart. I mean, nothing was working out, Aiden, Seth, training, nothing. And then Caleb had to die. And the way Olivia acted after, during the funeral. That was so unfair to Alex, because A- Alex already felt crappy; B- Alex knew Caleb for years, rather than the months that Olivia did; and C- Alex was already blaming herself for sneaking out that day. 
The Council. Okay, let's start off THIS discussion, with the simple fact that Minister Telly is a  huge shitcase. And I can go on and on with the curse words that describe him, but I won't. I mean, do I even have to explain why? But other than that, I think that Seth made the wrong move to take 
Alex to watch Kelia and Hector's trial. I mean, she already knows the repercussions, and she already knows not to expect Aiden to do anything short of what Hector did. I mean, that whole experience would be scarring to watch. 
The compulsions that were affecting Alex were scary. Terribly scary. The one on her that made her wind up in the  Labyrinth, and the one on Laadan that made her give Alex the Brew.
Let's talk about the brew for one half second. It's more than a love potion, it's more like a horny potion. I mean, even though Seth didn't do what was right, it would have been worse if Aiden had stayed with her. And even though he knows that, it probably makes him feel better to think otherwise.  
The daimon attack and the Pure that Alex killed. And Aiden put the compulsion on the people who witnessed it. It's so annoying, because the Guard would have killed Alex, and she's in trouble for self defense. 
That's about where the book ended, and then Alex decided to give a relationship with Seth a try, because they obviously care for each other a lot. I'm glad she decided to at least give it a shot, because it would have been awkward as hell if she didn't, and well, I kind of love Seth too. 
Tell me your thoughts about the book in the comments, and I'll talk to you next time. 

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