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Shadow Kiss: Vampire Academy #3 by Richelle Mead

Shadow Kiss is book #3 in the Vampire Academy Series. If you don't know what this series is about, you can go see my review of book #1 here, and I have a short synopsis of the series there, so you can see if it's something you'd be interested in. If you haven't read the book, go read it and come back to discuss. SO, bye for now. Be sure to come back after reading it so we can discuss our feels. BYE
The opening scene in this book is hilarious. Rose is in Lissa's head, and Lissa and Christian are about to do things that Rose surely doesn't want to witness. And Rose is telling herself to get out of Lissa's head.
The plot revolves mainly around the Novice's biggest test before graduation, where they will actually be guarding a Moroi student against fake Strigoi attacks from their Dhampir teachers. Rose, off course expects to get Lissa, because of their bond, and how they will be paired when Rose actually is a guardian. But off course, Rose doesn't get Lissa. She gets Christian, and Eddie- Mason's best friend- gets Lissa. Rose throws this huge hissy fit and acts so immature about it, and that was just plain stupid. Being with Christian obviously means she'll be with Lissa because they're dating-duh.
Rose also starts seeing ghosts, and at first, she off course thinks she's crazy. She first sees Mason during her first mock "attack" test where she's supposed to guard Christian, and she freezes up. She doesn't do anything, and gets in trouble, and gets rumors thrown around about it and whatnot. 
But Christian believes her, and that's a switch from usual. 
Let's skip forward to the trial- Victor's trial. Adrian got them there because his great aunt is the queen. As bad as this sounds, I was hoping that the others would take into account what Victor said about Dimitri and Rose. I don't know, it would have been really funny how that played out, and how they got out of the situation. But that doesn't happen, and Victor is found guilty. 
The Mana gang-group-whatever is such bullshit. They're practicing to compel people, and just talk about how royals -in all their wussy glory- are better than non royals. And Jesse and his cronies are hazing people. That's basically what he's doing. When Rose was kicking his ass (very literally) after he hazed Lissa, and he was screaming and crying for help- I think that put him in his place.
And that brings me to the topic of how the way Lissa is projecting her negative feelings is just so unfair to Rose. Rose takes away Lissa's violence, depression, and she has to suffer. And what makes her even more afraid is that Anna killed herself- If it's not Lissa, then it will by Rose that goes insane, and that's not fair. But, Rose says nothing to Lissa, because Rose is the good friend and Lissa is the bad one- plain and simple. 
Let's talk about the Strigoi attacks. First of all, I think I have to address & commend Christian and Rose's badass Strigoi execution. I feel the need to applaud that. If the other Moroi had brains like Christian, there would be no Strigoi.
Dimitri becomes Strigoi during the attacks, and now Rose is going to set out to kill him. By herself. And Adrian's funding her travels and accommodations. I feel so bad for Adrian, because he never stood a fair chance with Rose. 
Lissa is such a biotch in the end of this book. She sees that her friend is hurting, yet it never comes to her that she should offer to help. She thinks she's the center of Rose's life, but Rose has realized to put herself first. Lissa is not only a biotch about Rose leaving, but also straight up says no when Rose asked if she could try to heal Dimitri before they learned that he was Strigoi. I don't know, Lissa is a pathetic excuse for a best friend, and Rose deserves better. 
So, that's about all for this review. I also want to say that in my review for Frostbite (book #2), I said that it was a huge step up from book #1. This book was a huge step up from book #2. It a was really enjoyable, and funny, and exciting read, and I definitely recommend it. Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and I'll talk to you next time.

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