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Spirit Bound: Vampire Academy #5 by Richelle Mead

Spirit Bound is book #5 in the Vampire Academy series. Personally, at this point, I'm hooked on these books. I'm on the 6th book now, and I think I started the series on Wednesday night before my review of the first book went up. And it's killing me, not knowing what happens. It's taking so much self control and willpower for me to not just look up spoilers. But, I haven't succumbed to that urge, so kudos to me for that. These books aren't too big, and it's really hard to put them down. At first, I wasn't so sure about it, but now, I definitely recommend it. That said, it's time for you nonspoiler people to leave and read the book. As per usual, if you're not sure about what this series is about, you can go see my review for the first book here. Like I said, I definitely recommend this series, and it's a great series to marathon read. 
Let's discuss. 
Dimitri's letters look like they're
I'm so done with Dimitri. I've already expressed how I was never that into him, but now, I'm just so annoyed with him. Mark was an idiot for telling Rose that there's a way to bring him back. I like Adrian. Like really like him. And I like how Abe threatens him. It's funny, because Abe just stepped into her life, and that's one of the first things he does. 
But, Rose comes back to school, passes her final exam with flying colors, and gets her tattoo that makes her an official guardian. 
But what does Rose do, now that she actually has a chance at being Lissa's guardian? She does something stupid and reckless. Yup, that's the Rose we know and love. Well, she, Eddie, and Lissa go to break Victor out of prison in Alaska because his brother knows how to turn a Strigoi back. But they did it pretty smartly. And they did it so quickly. They got Victor out, and they go to Sin City (Vegas) to meet Robert (Victor's brother). Rose uses Adrian's credit card to get a hotel, and then Adrian finds them. 
Adrian took it so well, and was helpful even, to help Rose try to turn Dimitri back. 
Off course, when they're in Vegas, Dimitri the Strigoi shows up, and Rose doesn't kill him. And she stops Eddie from doing so too. Ugh! I don't want Dimitri back. I just don't. Team Adrian all the way. 
Well, they find out how to change a Strigoi right? But Victor escapes. And they go back, and get in trouble. Rose and Eddie are stuck with chores and filing as their punishment. Eddie is pissed at Rose for getting between him and Dimitri. 
The way you change a Strigoi back, is you stab them in the heart with a stake that is charmed with all the magic elements and Spirit. And a Spirit user has to do the stabbing. The first part is pretty easy. The second is the one that we have trouble with. Lissa and Adrian couldn't take on a Strigoi if their life depended on it. 
Let's skip forward a bit, to when Dimitri kidnaps Christian and Lissa, and rescue mission, and you have to read it to understand, but goddamn Dimitri is back. And he's an ass. He's all guilty and shit for what he did as a Strigoi, and he won't talk to Rose. Won't even apologize properly. He's a big jerk, and he says he can't love her anymore, and he doesn't feel anything for her. Which is good for me, because I'm Team Adrian. And by the looks of it, Dimitri's Team Adrian as well. 
Finally, Rose tells Adrian that there's a chance for them, and they're about to do it, but then they don't have protection. So instead, she has Adrian bite her. And that, is her alibi when her stake is found inside Queen Tatiana. 
Queen Tatiana was murdered, and someone framed Rose. Rose is taken into custody, and there is a hearing. The hearing doesn't go so well, and she's taken back into custody before her actual trial. 
And that my friends, is where this book comes to an end.
It was a killer cliffhanger, but luckily, I had the next book, so I started it the second I finished this one. This book was awesome, and I loved it. I definitely recommend it, and I'll talk to you next time.

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