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The Fiery Heart: Bloodlines #4 by Richelle Mead

The Fiery Heart is the forth book in the Bloodlines series. Bloodlines is a spinoff from the Vampire Academy series. I've told you time and time again to read them, so I suggest that you read them. Read them all. But if you haven't read it, goodbye for now.
Sadrian-Sydrian whatever you want to call it- I love it. They're perfect together. It's so cute how they're just going around hiding and awwwwwwwww.
Adrian is having a really hard time in this book, and it's the spirit that's doing it to him. He's seeing his dead aunt (ex queen), and talking to her. When he went on the mood pills, that was so sweet. I didn't really think that he could be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I just thought the chemicals in antidepressants would take away the darkness. Anyway, he did it for Sydney. It would have been so easy for him to drink away the pain, but he didn't; and none of the other spirit users can blame him for that. I mean, Lissa went crazy without Rose taking away the pain. And she cut. And Sonya became Strigoi. And Adrian already did his part in finding the solution that stops Moroi and Dhampirs from forcefully being turned Strigoi.
I love how Lissa's apologizing for having to bring Adrian and Sydney to court together, and Adrian and Sydney are happy about it. I was really hoping Rose would find out about them. Maybe Rose will be involved in Sydney's prison break-hmmmm?
That thing about dabbling- it's kind of sick and wrong that they actually have a name for it. And stupid Sydney had to ask stupid Rose what it was, and then they fought. The trip to the court was so cute though. How they were able to be together and alone.
Let's talk about Zoe. Zoe is pretty shitty backup, and that's what Sydney asked for. And Zoe's a biotch. She thinks she knows everything, and is a stupid little jealous brat. And I'm really lenient about judging younger sibling characters, because I am a younger sibling. And I still think she's a biotch. She sold Sydney out because she was jealous.
The way that alchemists regard vampires is wrong. They are ultimately their associates and colleagues, so they should have some friendship.
I hate how Sydney and Zoe's dad says irrelevant things like Sydney gaining a couple pounds. It's really not a big deal, and it really isn't any of his business. And he puts the thought into Zoe, his little minion.
When Neil wants to go test the tattoo, and Angeline and Trey show up and start kicking ass, and Jill kisses Eddie and it all works out. All of it.
The stupid goddamn love phone. Why did Sydney get so careless about that? Damn, if Zoe hadn't seen that, they wouldn't have gotten caught. The only barrier would have been that the law about needing another family member for the queen to still be queen is being revoked.
I was hoping that they'd all go to Mexico or wherever Marcus was going, and they'd destroy Zoe's tattoo, and all go together on an expedition to better mankind. And stop the Alchemists.
I've been thinking about the end, and how Sydney got locked up in the reeducation facility, and I'm thinking someone's going to die in the process of getting her out. It's just a gut feeling, and I think it might be Zoe. And Sydney will feel bad, but she'll get out. But alas, I'm probably wrong about that gut feeling. Zoe can be fixed; they just have to go about fixing her the right way. I'm thinking that the jailbreak is going to involve spirit users and compulsion.
We haven't really talked about if humans can be shadow kissed, because they can be healed. I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe Zoe might be shadow-kissed, and she'll change her views on vampires. Maybe she'll die in the process of getting Sydney out, and Sonya will bring her back, because Sonya's the only spirit user that we know of that hasn't shadow kissed someone.
Contrary to what Sydney believes, I think that Sydney's dad is working with the Warriors of the Light, solely because he claimed that he wasn't. See, the Alchemists were raised to lie, and since Sydney's dad is a really good Alchemist, he's a really good liar. I think he's passing the information so the Warriors can kidnap a bunch of barely legal adults and minors, and drug them, and kill them while they are helpless and unable to defend themselves. It seems like the kind of thing that her dad would do, just to assess his dominance.
You know who I want to die? Sydney's dad. Obviously. But I really don't know. Richelle Mead's style doesn't really seem to kill off too many characters. In the Vampire Academy books, we only saw 3 named characters dying.
Sydney's become this awesome kickass heroine. However, the Alchemists don't seem to settle things with combat, so that's not really a possibility. Sydney's strong, and I know that she won't
But Sydrian- I can't stop talking about them, I'm sorry, but they're so perfect.
I know for a fact that they will get through this, cheesy as that sounds. I'm mentally staging jailbreaks, and seeing how it would all work out. I'm counting down the days until Silver Shadows comes out on July 29th.
Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and I'll talk to you next time

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