Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Golden Lily: Bloodlines #2 by Richelle Mead

The Golden Lily is the second book in the Bloodlines Series, which is a spinoff from the Vampire Academy series. If you don't know the premise of the Vampire Academy world, I have a synopsis on my review for Vampire Academy, which you can see here. You really need to read the Vampire Academy series before reading the Bloodlines Series, to fully appreciate it, so I recommend you read those before you read these. They're all really quick reads, and they're fun, and have good characters, so READ IT.
I like how the first third of this book was kind of lax, and not really too eventful. I mean, a fast paced plot is great, but I read this right after finishing the first book, and I kind of wanted some time to process what happened, and just cutsiness, and funnyness.
But the book opens with Sydney talking to some alchemists about whether Keith should go to re-education. Sydney say's he's a bad person in general, and that's why he should be removed. However, he isn't in league with the vampires for sure. I guess I agree with Sydney, because Keith seems like the type of guy who does anything to benefit himself. Kind of like Sydney's dad.
When she get's back, Trey sets her up with Brayden, this bore who's her "soul mate" according to Trey. Brayden was just a bore to me. There's nothing unique about his personality. Everything's just black and white, there's no middle ground.It's hilarious how their dates always end because of "family issues".
Adrian is just so aghhhhhhhhh in this book. And I know that aghhhhhhhhhh is an unintelligible, nonsensical word, but I just can't explain. He cares so much for Sydney, and he's always so witty, and funny. I love how he bought a car and pretended that he couldn't drive to spend time with Sydney. That was so cute. And Sydney can understand and relate  about Adrian's dad. If I were to compare Adrian's dad and Sydney's dad, I'm not sure who's worse. They're both asses, but I personally think that Sydney's dad is worse. There's no one that can talk to her dad to change it. At least Adrian's dad can be influenced by the Queen. So I think Sydney's dad is worse.
The Guardians of Light or whatever bullshit name that group is called- they're such idiots. Do they honestly think that they can take Strigoi? Who put that in their head? Because a Strigoi could break the cage and drain all their blood. The Strigoi aren't even human, they're stronger,and much harder to kill. And they took Sonya, thinking that she's a Strigoi even though she obviously isn't. Are they stupid? Hell yes they are.
Sydney backed off from her bet with Adrian that she'd drink an entire soda if he went a whole day without smoking. And backing off from bets ,when the bets are over a can of soda is just silly.
At the end, when Adrian kissed her, she pushed him away, and it was so sad. She kind of overreacted, and well, I feel bad for Adrian. He already experienced that rejection with Rose and now he has to experience it with Sydney. But well, we're pretty sure that they'll be together soon.
Well, that's it for this review. I really enjoyed this book, and I definitely recommend this series. Tell my your thoughts in the comments, and I'll talk to you next time.

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