Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vampire Academy: Vampire Academy book #1 By Richelle Mead

I think I'm one of the last souls on the planet to read this book. 
For those of you who don't know what this series is about, I'll give you a short synopsis before sending you off to go read the book. 
I'll start with the fact that this isn't a series about your typical vampires. There are two types of vampires- Moroi and Dhampirs. When Moroi have kids with humans, the result is a Dhampir. Dhampirs are the Moroi's guards. The Dhampirs guard Moroi from Strigoi, which are bad vampires. The Strigoi have more in common with the typical vampires we know- can't be in the sun, feed of humans ans kill them, soul less. Moroi do feed on humans, but the humans consent. When the Moroi bites, it gives the humans a high, and it's addictive. So, humans volunteer. Anyway, the reasons for guarding the Moroi is because Dhampirs have better senses, they're taller, and stronger. And, Dhampirs can only reproduce with Moroi. They can't have a kid with a Dhampir or human. However, it is looked down upon when a Moroi marries a Dhampir. Kind of stupid really, because they're so helpless, and put their lives in the hands of Dhampirs, but apparently Dhampirs aren't good enough to have kids with. So when Moroi have kids with Dhampirs, they usually abandon them. Dhampirs and Moroi go to school at Academies- I guess we know where the title is derived from- and Dhampirs learn skills that they'll need to guard Moroi. So, if this seems like a book you'd be interested in, go read it, and come back to discuss. BYE!
In my opinion, Lissa wasn't too great of a character. She never puts up a fight, and any character, who just lets herself be saved annoys me. To me, friendship is a give and take. Whatever the repercussions, and no matter what the circumstances, if they are best friends, both should be willing to fight for each other- as equals. I mean Lissa has done plenty- she freaking brought Rose back from the dead- but she's too -well- content.I like rebels, so people who are content with the way things are annoy me. Especially because there are lots of things wrong with the way things are.The steps she takes aren't good for herself or for Rose. Compelling someone to do something isn't how you make friends either. Eh, I just wasn't too fond of Lissa. I liked Rose, but she didn't do anything that amazing in this book. I like her IDGAF attitude, and she's determined to keep Lissa safe, and I admire her for that. 
Nothing really that serious happened in this book.We learned about how Spirit was a forgotten element, and how Lissa can heal, because she specializes in Spirit.  I thought it was amazing how Lissa had healed Rose and brought her back to life. I mean, that's playing fate. It's cheating life, and she could do that. It's interesting how that creates a bond between them, and how Rose was "shadow kissed" which I guess means "touched by death".
Lissa's horrendous uncle scares me. He freaking kidnapped Lissa, and before that he killed animals and he got his daughter to make Rose get hurt. Natalie is such a sad case. She'll do anything her dad tells her to do. She just wants attention from someone. She went Strigoi and actually thought she would have control. Well, we know where that took her. 
And Mia, damn, that girl has problems. She slept with 2 guys so they would spread a rumor for her. And this while she was dating someone. I do feel sorry about what happened with her and Lissa's brother, but not anymore. What she did is disgusting, and low, and lame, and pathetic. 
 Dimitri. Do you picture him as Russian? I mean, I can't hear what he says in a Russian accent- do you feel the same way?He didn't play a large enough role in this book. He was barely there. 
Overall, I liked this book, but I didn't love it. I'd give it 3/5 stars. It's an okay kick off book for the series, but it didn't fulfill my expectations. I'm going to read the next books, but I wasn't so impressed with this one. Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and I'll talk to you next time.

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