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Obsidian: Lux #1 by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Hey guys, today I'm going to be reviewing Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I actually read the first four books of this series quite a while ago, but I recently reread Obsidian, and my parents aren't getting me books, and I'm so sad, because I need the fifth book, but I can't get it yet. SO, I decided that the delay in my getting of the book was a sign that I should review the first four books. So you're looking at four reviews, and then, someday over the rainbow, the 5th and final book will be in my possession. Now, let's get started; shall we?
I went into Obsidian under the impression that it was a " Twilight with aliens", and that isn't at all what it is. Sure, there are some corresponding characters, but that's only if you are consciously searching for them. If you don't go in with the mindset that I did, you won't see them as prominently. 
Second of all, this book has the worst back cover blurb. It says right there, in black and white, that the boy next door is an alien. Something that our main character, Katy, finds out about 1/3 into the story. Other than that little slip on the publisher's part, or whomever's mistake that was, I loved this book. I love this entire series to death, and it just gets better and better as the books go on. But today, we're here to talk about the first book. 
Our main character, Katy, is awesome. She's a BOOK BLOGGER. She does reviews, and book hauls, and WAITING ON WEDNESDAYS. I do Waiting on Wednesdays, as do so many other book bloggers. I think that's where JLA sold all of us. I've read so many good reviews of this series from book bloggers and book vloggers, and I think that part of what made us all like it, was that we had a relatable main character- a main character who's mom doesn't understand her love of books- my family doesn't understand my love of books either. Specifically the genre that I like. Which is also the genre that Katy likes. Things like that really help you connect with Katy, and that was a very smart move on Jennifer's part- making the main character someone that book bloggers, book vloggers, and book lovers everywhere can all relate to. 
Our male love interest- Daemon Black- aka the alien that the back cover refers to- is extremely hot and funny and sarcastic, but he is the hugest jerkface. He is so rude, and he has his moments of not being a jerk, but he is so mean to Katy in this book, that it's just really frustrating sometimes.
I really don't want to spoil the book for y'all who haven't read this, so I suggest that at this point you leave if you haven't read the book. I just have to tell you, that this is so fast paced, and fun, and exciting, and well written, and beautiful. READ IT. That's all I can say. Bye now, if you haven't read it yet. 
I wanted to discuss some of the climactic scenes, as well as some of the funnier scenes, and that's why I kicked out all the non spoiler people who haven't read the book.
I was already laughing with the first scene where Katy and Daemon met. When Daemon comes out shirtless, and Katy asks for directions. Daemon's asshat streak starts there, but their conversation and banter was so funny- that was when I knew I was going to love the series. Lame as it sounds, that's when I knew for sure. And it was the first chapter of the book.
Next, off course, the lunch room scene. (When I say next, I'm talking chronologically, not really the order of which scenes were my favorite) But I don't think there was anyone who disliked this scene. Ash was being so mean, and off course Daemon had to join in, and she just flipped the spaghetti on them, and Ash couldn't create eloquent sentences, and Daemon actually started laughing, And Katy decided that she wouldn't be a pushover and take any of that crap. I love Katy. Plain and simple, and I don't know who wouldn't love her.
The scene where she finds out that they're aliens, wasn't my favorite, mainly because I saw it coming. I was waiting for the "say it- say it out loud" moment, for Katy to find out what I already knew. But that was pretty iconic to the series, and it was fun I guess. We saw Daemon's cool alien tricks, and those are pretty awesome.
I also liked the ice cream scene. It's not one of the in your face- big- woohoo- let's dance-roll on the floor-brilliant scenes, but it made me laugh. It was when Dee was telling Daemon "My ice cream is not your ice cream". It was funny, ice cream cartons were thrown,  and I enjoyed that scene, even though, in grand scheme of the series, it wasn't very important.
The homecoming dance scene. The thing with Scott- we kind of saw that coming, but Katy was very clever with what she said and it wasn't only Daemon who underestimated her- I didn't expect her to say what she did either. I'll replay the conversation for you
dialogue straight from the book
"Daemon: It doesn't matter what I'm doing. You're not going to that party.
Katy: You can't tell me what to do, Daemon.
Daemon: Dee is taking you home. And I swear, if I have to through you over my shoulder and carry you out of here, I will.
Katy: I'd like to see you try.
Daemon: I bet you would.
and here's where it gets better
Katy:Whatever, you're the one who's going to cause a scene carrying me out of here. Because your local alien teacher is watching us as we speak. What do you think he's going to think when you toss me over your shoulder, buddy?"
And I was just like *cue sarcastic applause* well played Katy, well played.
The Arum attack, where Katy came in with the obsidian, and kicked Arum ass, was the first scene where I really began to love Katy as a heroine. I mean, I loved that she read books, and blogged, and how she was sarcastic and funny, but that attack was when she went from being a "main character" to being a heroine- you know what I mean?
And then when Daemon and Katy woke up with their legs tangled together. At first, this is really weird, and you just wonder what the hell happened. But, if you've read the bonus content from Daemon's point of view in the new bind-ups, you know what happened. I'll tell you though, if you don't know what happened. So, they fall asleep together, right? Nothing sexual about it, they just thought they'd seen too much for the night, and slept. And then, Daemon dreamt, and I quote,"She stirred, and I dreamt hear responding, wanting me instead of hating me." Fast forward, and I'm sure you'll understand what went on, when you here this next line."Shit. I'd felt her up, in my sleep." I was all but rolling on the floor while laughing when I read this. And what's really suckish, is that Daemon decides it's safer to make Katy hat him, and so, when they need to burn off the trace, he makes out with her, and blows up her laptop, and leaves her after saying "You're barely glowing now." That was the pissyest thing he could say, and HE SAID IT. The laptop scene is in the book trailer, and even though the opening monologue at the beginning of the trailer is extremely cheesy, the laptop scene is awesome. I start laughing every time I watch that part, because when you haven't read the book, and you see the trailer, you won't really notice that, or pay much attention to it. But when you understand the context, it's so awesome. And if you go to JLA's website and do some sleuthing, you'll find the laptop scene cut to ET by Katy Perry. You know what, here's the link- you don't even have to do the sleuthing. Here you go. It'll take 30 seconds of your time, go watch it, come back, and we'll continue our discussion.
Okay, all that aside, the last scene I can think of that was really important,was the climactic sequence of Katy harnessing alien powers to kill the Arum. I'd like to see how that scene would play out in a movie, because it's written so visually, but I can't imagine how it would look while it happened. But Katy was awesome, and when I read it, I couldn't wait to read the next book. Yeah, I have to say that in the past tense, because I read this book for the first time, back in February or March.
This ends with Daemon's proposition that they should be together. Katy says hell no to this idea, and I applaud her for that. I mean, so many characters take that chance, and jump into the arms of the said love interest, and after all the crap Daemon gave her in this book, she should definitely not do that, and I'm glad she didn't.
And that was the point where this book came to a close. I loved this book. It was probably one of the best first-book-of-a-series books, and it jumps right into the action, and the world, and it's a really fun read, and you have to read it. You can't not read it.
I guess that's all for this review. Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and I'll talk to you next time.

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