Sunday, August 3, 2014

Silver Shadows: Bloodlines #5 by Richelle Mead

Silver Shadows is the 5th book in the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead, and it was glorious. It came out on July 29, and it was my Waiting on Wednesday a couple weeks ago. I have so much to say, and I'm going to spoil everything. So if you haven't read it, I suggest you go do that. I really recommend this series, and the Vampire Academy series as well.
Right now, I'm wondering how this book passed so quickly. So much happened, but the book was over so quickly.
Where do I begin? Maybe the beginning. Well, this opens up with Sydney in her cell, where she doesn't have a clue what time it is,what day, what month, which state- nothing. The point of that, is to strip her of all her dignity until she begs for redemption or whatever the shithead Alchemists want. But, she finally does, and she's been there for 3 MONTHS. In her cell, in the dark for three months.
Meanwhile, Adrian is failing his classes, getting drunk, and not doing everything he can to get Sydney. His response to Sydney's capture kind of disappointed me, but I can't really blame him, because he'd been trying for 3 months, and had already done everything in his power. But I feel like he should have been more determined, than just go back to the court with his mom. And get drunk at the court.
On the topic of that, I have a hunch that Nina is going to play a larger role in the next book. It only makes sense right? There wouldn't have been so much spotlight on her, if it wasn't regarding her role in the next book.
Back to Sydney, and reeducation. Those methods that the Alchemists use are horrendous. I read an interview with Richelle Mead, about how she researched those methods, and she said that there was research involved, and that some of those methods are used by real people to try to "ungay" gay people. Which is sick and wrong on so many levels. I mean the vamps are better than that. Just saying. But Sydney is also helping negate the Alchemist compulsion ink, and it's all really badass and reckless. Adrian doesn't approve.
Which brings me to when they were finally able to dream connect with each other. When Sydney managed to get the gas flow to stop and Adrian got his shit together and stopped drinking and went back to Palm Springs to plan.
I'm going to skip forward to their escape. Damn. Just damn. The escape would have been a nice cute ending, if they all went back and lived happily ever after, but it was way too early in the book for happily ever after- that's how I know that shit would be going down. The "car chase" after that went by so quickly, and then they got married :). And that too, would have been a happy ending, but nope. More shit went down after that. But finally, when they got on the plane, and got back to the Court, and Lissa (who at this point is being an annoying biotch, by being happy to willingly give Sydney to the Alchemists, even after Sydney helped the Moroi so much with their anti-strigoi tattoo. Actually, even at the beginning, when Adrian asked for help, she was a biotch. She was just a biotch through the whole book) Okay. I'm being a little unfair. Lissa did eventually cave and tell the Alchemists to back off, and she got rid of Sydney's dad.
And then Adrian's mom ended things with Adrian's dad, and that made me happy. She heeded Adrian's words, and kept her pride- which is a good thing.
At this point, all the feels were there. I was happy, and it was cute, and #sydrian, and all was dandy, and adorable, and they were married, and it was perfect- right? Nope, off course we had to prepare for the shit that would go down in the next book, and Jill disappears. My money's on the Alchemists- I think they took her, and will use her to get Sydney. And I also think the marriage is going to backfire. And I strongly think that Tatiana will have something to do with it. I swear, that woman's worse dead than she was alive. Alive, she was mean, but had good intentions. Dead, she's the devil on Adrian's shoulder. What. The. Hell. Is. Her. Problem. I don't even know, but she's going to have something to do with everything that's going to shit. I'm not sure where she'll tie in, but she will.
And Rose. More Rose for sure in the next book. I missed Rose through this series, I mean she used to be this badass, hot, awesome heroine, but it feels like she's simmered down now, and I don't want that. I hope we see more badass Rose in the next book.
I loved this book to pieces. I cannot wait for the next book, which I believe is set to come out in February, 2015. I pray that it won't get pushed back. I am in love with this series. I love the characters, the writing, the world, everything. I recommend this book for all these reasons. I know that the covers aren't the best, and I know that people will always judge books by their cover; I'm telling you to give it a chance even if these covers tell you otherwise. This is one of my favorite series of all time. I love Adrian. #Sydrian.
Tell me your thoughts in the comments. What was your favorite scene in this book? I think mine was the plane, where everything was okay- even if it was just for a short time. It was just adorable and cutesy, and as a teen girl, I don't think I could not like that. But tell me what you liked, tell me if you're excited, and I'll talk to you next time.


  1. Great review Swati !! I would love to read the book the way you have recommended it ... and will NOT judge it by the cover which certainly is uninspiring .. waiting to read the badass Rose :)
    Happy Reading, Happy Blogging :)

    1. You should definitely read it! The writing makes it so easy to understand,and fun to read. The plot is amazingly fast paced. The characters are very likable- actually they're lovable. You should definitely start with the Vampire Academy series first though, and those covers are also pretty uninspiring. The first couple of books are kind of slow, but from then on, they're really fun- just as fun as these Bloodlines books. Happy reading and blogging to you to. :)