Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vampire Academy: Movie Review

So, I finally watched the Vampire Academy movie. I was really serious about not watching the movie before reading the book- you know, book lover instincts- but I finally read the books, and I watched the movie. And I have quite a bit to say about it. So I'll stop rambling and get on with the discussion- sounds good?
First, I like the song that the move opened with, it's really catchy. Second, I like how we first jumped into the car crash scene. We kind of got that in flashes in the book, so I like how it was all out in the open from the start of the movie. Third, I don't think the movie deserves any of the crap that the critics gave it. I mean, they shitted on the movie so much, and it was a pretty good movie. It was faithful to the book for the most part, and it had pretty good characters, and I am going to nitpick, but it's because I love this series so much. It was enjoyable, and I laughed, and yes- I did picture some characters differently, but this was in no way a bad film. And it annoys me that critics are shitting on a movie that wasn't even bad. I know I'm no critic, but I've read the books- and I enjoyed it. And a lot of fans feel the same way, so isn't that the point? I don't give a shit about what the critics thought, and I'm not letting that cloud my judgement when I tell you my thoughts of this movie.
The casting was great. Zoey Deutch did well as Rose. In my head, Rose is a mix between Jace and Isabelle from The Mortal Instruments. She has the whole hot badass female thing going for her, but she's funny. And movie Rose did give that kind of a vibe. But my Rose makes more smartass remarks. I mean, movie Rose does have those, but not as many.
Movie Dimitri -Danilla Kozlovsky- was like book Dimitri, and he and Rose had great chemistry. The problem was, there wasn't much banter between Rose and Dimitri, like there was in the book. I would have liked more conversation between Rose and Dimitri. The make out lust spell scene was awkwardly cut, and too short.
Lissa though, was the one character I did have a problem with. Lucy Fry looks the part, but well, book Lissa is a pushover. She's the person who would turn the other cheek if someone wasn't being nice. At least in the first book. Later on she's really annoying. But back to the matter at hand, movie Lissa was meaner. She actually had the nerve to call Rose a blood whore, when without Rose, she'd be both, in danger, and dead. Maybe not in that order, but you get my point. But Lissa was mean.
Natalie-Sarah Hyland- was really great. In her Strigoi scenes she was brilliant, with her "we'll be best friends forever, BFFs" and "my eyesight is great, my skin is flawless, my mind is clearer" spiels she was awesome.
Christian didn't play as big of a role as I'd have wanted, but he was fine. Same with Mason.
Character/casting wasn't really where they went wrong. It was with dialogue.
They didn't really mangle the plot or world building too much. A lot of dialogue was crunched up, and that was sad, because there is so much funny dialogue and banter in the book, but all of it didn't really end up in the movie. But nothing that deserves all the crap that the critics gave it.
I really don't know why it has such a low Rotten Tomatoes score. I personally enjoyed it. With this world, there isn't very much that you can mess up, so it wasn't with the world building. Dialogue was cut, and that's the main bad thing about this movie. Otherwise, it's a pretty faithful book-movie adaptation.
Tell me what you thought of the movie. I know this is a very untimely movie review, because it's been like- 6 months or something since the movie came out, but I felt like sharing my thoughts. I'll talk to you next time.

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