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Soul Searching by Jamie-Jo Brenner Book Tour: Review


Brent Harper is the perfect guy. He's Max's hero--the boy she's had a crush on since the school year began. But when Brent goes missing, Max must face the truth that she really doesn't know him at all. In order to find him, she will first need to learn everything she can about him.

After Brent wakes up without any memories, his only choice is to trust the first person he sees. Alison, the girl who finds him, promises to help him remember. But what if he doesn't want to remember? When his memories start to return, Brent is confronted with the hardest decision of his life.

How do you choose between who you thought you were and who you want to be?

My Thoughts:

When I picked this up, I'd thought I was going to be getting a contemporary book about amnesia and starting over- typical right? But really, that wasn't what this book was about. That was a part of it, but it was mainly about the main character finding acceptance for his past. Magic also ties into the story, however it was very minimal. It wasn't like Harry Potter magic; it was more like magic in faith? If that makes sense. Magic that only works if you believe in it. 
This is a self published book, and I did encounter some typos, which I had somewhat expected, but nothing too bad. One problem I had with the writing style was that it was written in a tell not show way, and that doesn't always make for the best story flow. The story was also told from lots of POVs, and at times that was a tad bit confusing sometimes, because the characters didn't really sound different from each other. 
The characters were my favorite part of the book, and I thought that Brent, the main character was very well developed. Most of the side characters were also well developed, but there was more to be desired for some of them. 
The romantic plotline was very abrupt, in that it was going in one direction, and for a short time it was in limbo as to which direction to go in, and then it suddenly just switched, and all the characters involved were okay with it. And there wasn't really any history between the characters that became the two love interests. 
Overall, I enjoyed the plot. It was like a contemporary with some magic and supernatural thrown in, in the best possible way. There were some bible quotes and references thrown in here and there, and those seemed unnecessary to me, but overall it wasn't cliched, and the plot was suspenseful in a way that you wanted to keep reading. I'm not going to say that my eyes were glued to the pages, but by no standards was it all that bad. 
I give this book a solid 3 stars. I liked it, I didn't hate it, but there are some areas for improvement. 

About the Author

I'm a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tang Soo Do. I have been on mission trips, one to Haiti and the other to a Native American Reservation/Camp in Oklahoma. I loved both experiences.

I am in the Army Reserves. And I volunteer at Camp Sunshine each August. I also work in Security for Farmer's Insurance. And I was a victim's advocate for the YWCA.

My passion is writing and I love to read. I wrote a books, A Place for Me, and most recently, Soul Searching.

When I was 19, I made an independent film (wrote, directed and starred in it) called, Weight of the World. I wrote A Place for Me when I was 20. Published it at 21. When I was 22, my cousins and I made a indie movie out of it. Now at 32, I wrote another book. Soul Searching.

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Hi guys, I didn't put an intro at the top as per usual, so I'm going to toss everything I have to say in my outro. This is my first book tour, and that is really exciting for me. I have another coming up in a few days, so I'm just finishing reading and gathering my thoughts for that. This was fun. I'm really enjoying actually being a part of the blogger community, and it was really cool to get my arc-copy in the mail, and whatnot. I'll talk to you next time.

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