Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kendra's Diaries (Growing Pains #1) by KP Smith

So its been forever since my last post. Like 8 months......Anyway, I've been really busy with school this year, so I haven't posted anything in a while.
Anyway, last week KP Smith asked me if I could review her book, and I was happy to do so, because it's been a while, and I just feel so honored that an author would reach out to me, so I read it. Also, disclaimer, I received an ebook of Kendra's Diaries for free for the purpose of reviewing it.
Kendra's Diaries reminded me of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, except aimed at a younger audience. The time period, the drama, the context reminded my of Eleanor and Park, and that isn't a bad thing, If you see the very first review on this blog, you'll see how much I loved that book, but I know that authors are artists and they want to be free from comparison of other authors. I just couldn't help myself from drawing the parallel.
Kendra's Diaries takes place in 1985 in New Orleans and it is about Kendra Foster, an eighth grader who, frankly, has to deal with things that no eighth grader should have to deal with. Kendra has her parents fighting at home, and friend drama when she goes to school. She doesn't understand any of what is going on because adults all patronize her, and chastise her for wanting to know what problems they're dealing with.
I overall feel like I'm a little too old for this story, because I've never really liked reading about middle school aged characters, Harry Potter being the exception to that. I read mainly YA, and I'm in high school, and I just feel like the middle schoolers in books experience middle school way differently than I did. Well, I don't experience high school like the characters in YA books, but I feel like I can put myself in their place while reading the book more than I can when reading about middle schoolers. I would probably give this to my cousin who right now is at the end of 5th grade. My biggest issue with this book, was that each chapter kind of stood on its own, like a new problem would be introduced in each chapter. and then sometimes even solved in the same chapter, and that aspect just wasn't my cup of tea,
My verdict is that this is a great  story for a younger crowd. I give it a 3.5/5 star rating.  I am excited to see how the story continues, the next book starts with Kendra being in highschool, and I'm interested to see who she keeps in her life, and who she loses contact with, and what relationships she forms, and new characters and all that jazz. I definitely recommend this to any young bookworm, because this is something that younger kids can read and learn how people live and grow despite their obstacles. Kendra is definitely a great character, and I'm excited to see her story continue.
Before I sign off from this post, I'd like to thank KP Smith for reaching out to me and giving me the review copy. I really enjoyed reading it.